Most commercial and industrial businesses rely on their equipment to operate.  Equipment failures and/or power outages can cost businesses both time and money.  McDonell Electric, Inc. offers preventative maintenance services to reduce downtime and increase productivity for the business.

Preventative Services

  • Power Quality Analysis (Audits)

  • Thermography/Infrared (IR) Analysis

  • Monitoring services that track current and load to alert you of potential overloads

  • Preventative maintenance on all critical systems including: Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Breakers, and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter’s (GFCI).

Power Quality Analysis

To perform Power Quality Audits, McDonell Electric, Inc. uses advanced power logging instruments to analyze and record power data at a speed of over a thousand times per second.  The data is used to provide a detailed, technical analysis of the internal electrical system.

Power audits allow us to identify voltage sags and swells, harmonic distortion, and other potentially harmful problems caused by, or affecting, today’s sophisticated high-speed electronic equipment.

Effects of Power Quality Issues

  • Reduced Transformer Life
  • Reduced Fundamental Frequency Systems
  • Degraded Motor Performance
  • Tripped Sensitive Loads
  • Blown Fuses; Cycling UPS, Reduced UPS & Battery Life
  • Telecommunications Interference
  • Machines and/or Computers Resetting

Thermography/Infrared Scanning

Infrared thermography is the science of measuring and mapping surface temperatures. An infrared thermographic scanning system can measure and view temperature patterns based upon temperature differences as small as a few hundredths of a degree Celsius.  Infrared electrical inspections find areas of excess heat caused by increased resistance as a result of defects in equipment connections and/or components. Increased heating is a sign of failure. Performing infrared inspections is the best way to find and prevent damage to your personnel, equipment, and facility.

Issues Detectable by an Infrared

  • Loose/Deteriorated Connections
  • Overloads
  • Open Circuits
  • Unbalanced Loads
  • Inductive Heating
  • Defective Equipment
  • Corrosion/Chemical Reaction

Benefits of Infrared Inspection

  • Reduced Down Time
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Lower Repair Costs
  • Prevent Catastrophic Failure
  • Increased System Safety

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