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McDonell Electric, Inc

Your electrical contractor since 2002

McDonell Electric, Inc. is a full service California licensed electrical shop dedicated to exceeded our customers’ power and electrical needs. We specialize in: Industrial Operations, Commercial Buildings, Solar, and Residential Construction.

  • 382 Tesconi Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, USA

  • +1 707-791-2000

  • contact@mcdonellelectric.com

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Never hesitate when it comes to potential electrical problems. Electrical issues can quickly develop into major catastrophes.

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McDonell Electric, Inc. is always looking for Experienced Commercial and Industrial Electricians to join our team.

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I have been using McDonell Electric, Inc. for a variety of projects since 2009. They are competitive, punctual, and professional. I would recommend McDonell Electric, Inc. for all of your electrical needs, including design, installation, troubleshooting, and repairs.

I have been using McDonell Electric, Inc. for about 10 years. I have used their services for everything from changing out hard-to-reach light bulbs, to conduction electrical audits for many locations.

I use them because they know what they are doing. They have great electricians – who are reliable and take care of all my electrical needs. They are quick and always available at a moment’s notice for emergency repairs

I recommend McDonell Electrical, Inc. for all your electrical needs.

Keith Byers, Facilities Representative, Comcast Cable

McDonell Electrical, Inc. has satisfied all of Honig Winery’s electrical needs for the past nine years ranging from new construction to regular repairs. Eric finds reasonable solutions to our electrical needs that meet our financial expectations.

Tony Benedetti, Chief Operation Officer, Honig Winery

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